Virtual Office Serbia​

Work remotely from any place and benefit from an exclusive business address and office services. We create a credible presence for your business.

We provide ALL IN ONE solution. Business address, mail service, bookkeeping, accounting, incorporation of the LTD, entrepreneur agency, temporary residence, work permit and more.

Why you should start a business in Serbia?

Strategic location

Serbia has a great spot in terms of geographic position right in the middle, between eastern and western countries, enabling strong trade links and business opportunities. Serbia has achieved exceptional trade growth over the years, and companies can do business operations both with the EU and eastern countries.

Lower taxes

During the past 5 years, Serbia has become a very attractive country with low-income tax (only 15%), as well as no-personal income tax. The tax rate is the same for all business sectors and you can repatriate your profits with no restrictions irrespective of what kind of business entity you set up.

Business support

In Serbia, there are a lot of agencies, hubs like InCentar that provide services necessary for the company’s daily operations (virtual office, accounting, administrative support, digital marketing…etc). The process of the company’s registration is very simple and within a few days, you can complete a whole procedure.


Remote working

In Serbia, there are a lot of professionals, experts from different areas who are accustomed to the remote-working concept. Our country offers a wide talent poll from various industries, such as: IT, project management, marketing, administration, accounting…etc.

Convenient Visa Policies

Setting up a business in Serbia means that you can quickly get a residency visa, work permission and you can also enjoy additional benefits, such as: Ability to open a local bank account; Leasing housing on a long-term basis, basic health-insurance…etc


Virtu Start

30 /per month

Billed at 360€ /year

This package includes a professional business address with a premium location in the center of Belgrade.

This package does NOT include mail service support.

This package requires a minimum contractual period of 12 months.

Virtu Smart

70 /per month

Billed at 480€ /year

This package includes a professional business address with a premium location as well as mail service support daily, weekly and monthly. Whether you already have a business of your own or you are just starting your venture, our services are at your disposal as soon as you sign up with us.


Virtu Biz

Let’s talk

This package includes a professional business address at a great location, mail service support as well as Bookkeeping-Accounting service. 

Here, companies have full professional and administrative support. We understand that every business has slightly different requirements, so we are keen to offer you a range of packages that cater to all your needs.

Additional services

Incorporation of the LTD company

· Generation of the Electronic certificate

· Creation of the Founding Act

· Preparation of a Registration Form and submission

· Assistance in the opening of a business bank account

· Registration of Beneficial Owners

· Tax Registration

Establishment of an entrepreneur agency

· Preparation of the registration form application

· Submission of the application

· Retrieval of the original registration decision from APR (business agency)

· Assistance in the opening of a business bank account

Temporary residence​

• Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation

• Assistance in the bank (individual account)

• Applying for the temporary residence

• Making an appointment at the police office

• Obtaining a temporary residence

Work Permit

• Collection and preparation of the necessary documentation

• Applying for the work permit

• Submission of documents to the National Employment Service

• Scheduling an appointment at the National Employment Service

• Obtaining a work permit

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About Us

Virtual Office Serbia is an online platform created by In Centar from Belgrade, Serbia. In Centar is a hub that provides support to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and all enthusiasts who want to start their businesses. Established in 2014, In Centar stands out with a functional location in Belgrade city center, with quality services, pleasant working atmosphere, and ambiance. Our team consists of a group of experienced individuals who will help you realize your entrepreneurial endeavors.


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