How to register a company in Serbia?

Starting a business in a foreign country can be daunting, but with guidance and support, it can also be a rewarding opportunity. Serbia, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is quickly becoming a popular destination for foreign entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses into new markets. We will explain to you the company registration process in Serbia, including the relevant laws and restrictions, and how Virtual Office Serbia can help you get started.


Incorporation of the company in Serbia (DOO)

Founding act

The founding act is the first step in registering a company in Serbia. It is a legal document created by lawyers. Documents like these outline all details of the company’s formation, ownership structure, and operating procedures, and it is a requirement under Serbian law.

Registration form

After completing the founding act, the next step is to fill out a registration form and submit it to the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA). This form includes information about the company’s name, registered address, business purpose, shareholder structure, and type of taxation.

Bank account opening

Once the registration form is submitted, the company needs to open a bank account in Serbia. It’s necessary to deposit the required minimum share capital for a certain period determined in advance by the founding act.

Electronic signature

The next step is to obtain an electronic signature for the company’s authorized signatory. It’s necessary for submitting certain documents. An electronic signature can be obtained from an authorized service provider.

Registration of the real owners

From 2021, the registration of real owners of companies is mandatory in Serbia. Real owners are individuals who ultimately own or control the company. This information should be submitted to SBRA together and signed with an electronic certificate.

Tax registration

Finally, the company must be registered for tax purposes with the Serbian Tax Administration. This includes obtaining a tax identification number (Serbian PIB) and registering for value-added tax (VAT) if the company’s annual turnover exceeds a certain threshold. The PIB number is assigned by the SBRA after the company is registered.


Virtual Office Services in Serbia

Registering a company in a foreign country can be challenging, but virtual office services like can make the process much easier. We provide you with a physical address, phone number, and other administrative services that allow you to establish a presence in Serbia without being there. It is helpful if you don’t have the resources to set up a physical office in Serbia.

Virtual Office Serbia is a company that can provide everything you need to register your business in Serbia. Our services include company registration, legal assistance, virtual offices, accounting, obtaining a work permit, opening a bank account, and virtual assistance for managing a business. While the legal representative must come to Serbia for some of the processes, we will prepare everything in advance to make it as swift and efficient as possible. With our help and guidance, registering a company in Serbia has never been easier.


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